Brockport Dancers Against Racism Experiential Learning Fund

This experiential learning fund recognizes a SUNY Brockport Dance Major or Dance Major Intent, a Dance Minor, and/or participates in creative dance works via campus involvement at the undergraduate or graduate level. Preference be given to applicants who identify as a member of a historically underrepresented minority group and/or have overcome obstacles such as socioeconomic or educational disadvantages. Students must submit a formal proposal for the experience they wish to attend.

The proposal includes:

  • the name of the summer festival/experience,
  • the reason(s) for attendance and desired outcome(s),
  • short and long-term professional goals and how this experience will assist in achieving those goals,
  • a budget that would be required to attend (tuition, travel, lodging, meals, miscellaneous expenses).

To be considered for this opportunity you must apply through the “Department of Dance Experiential Learning Funds Application”.

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