Glenn S. Goldberg '80 Scholarship

This scholarship supports student internships to provide valuable internship experiences through the Institute for Engaged Learning. Students may not receive the Goldberg Scholarship more than once during their career at The College at Brockport.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Provide a description of the proposed internship. If the internship has not yet been secured, the prospective internship or area and responsibilities of the internship should be addressed.
  2. Upload an essay describing how the internship is related to your course of study and will expand your knowledge and application of skills learned in the classroom.
  3. If you did not upload a copy of your resume as part of the general application please upload now.
  4. Expense Estimates - Please provide an estimate of the total costs associated with your participation in the internship. Do not include food costs.
    • Housing
    • Other #1
    • Other #1 - Short Description
    • Other #2
    • Other #2 - Short Description
    • Other #3
    • Other #3 - Short Description
    • Travel
  5. List the name of a Faculty member that can write a letter of reference for you regarding the learning quality of your internship.
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