Pettis Pools Entrepreneurship Award

Pettis Pools created an endowed fund at The College at Brockport in memory of the founders of the business, Lawrence and Erma Ornce Pettis, who were both active and passionate members of the Class of ’53 who began Pettis Pools in 1962. This award is for students interested in launching entrepreneurial ideas through their studies within the School of Business and Management. No applications are accepted for this award and the School of Business and Management coordinates the procedures and selection of recipients.

Student recipients must:

  1. accepted in one of the majors within the School of Business and Management at either the undergraduate or graduate level,
  2. demonstrate adequate academic proficiency with at least one member of the presenting team (or the individual, if a solo proposal) at minimum a rising junior, be working as individuals OR as a team within the School,
  3. have completed a School-sponsored Business Planning Seminar and completed and submitted, by the annually posted deadline, all documents associated with the Pettis Pools Entrepreneurship Award Proposal Form (modified on an annual basis by the School Judging Panel), which may include but is not limited to the following: business plans, budgets, models, technology, etc.,
  4. be prepared to present his/her idea in front of the SOBAE Judging Panel, if selected as a finalist for the Pettis Pools Entrepreneurship Award, and
  5. be prepared to publicize the successful selection of their project and to provide follow up information on what happened to their idea.

Business, Accounting, Finance, Economics, and Marketing Opportunities