Department of Dance Experiential Learning Funds Application

Apply using this application to be considered for one or more Department of Dance experiential learning funds. The following scholarships provide financial assistance to SUNY Brockport students:
*Susan S. Collier Summer Experience Fund in Dance
*Nat Goodhartz Summer Research Fund in Dance
*Brockport Dancers Against Racism Experiential Learning Fund

These funds provides assistance for a current undergraduate or graduate student to participate in professional level workshops or advanced level study, to attend professional auditions, or to participate in festivals and workshops approved by the College for the summer or an experience in the next academic year.

Eligible students are SUNY Brockport Dance Majors, Dance Minors, Dance Majors Intent, and/or students who participate in creative dance works via campus involvement at the undergraduate or graduate level.

Applicants are required to submit information outlining the specific experience, an proposed budget (including tuition, travel, lodging, meals, and any other miscellaneous expenses), an overview of their education and dance achievement, provide a reflective response explaining their short or long term professional goals and how this experience aligns with enhancing their goals.

This is an Apply-To Opportunity. Applicants will need to submit one or more additional items to be considered for this award after submitting the General Application.

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Supplemental Questions
  1. Name of festival/residency/experience.
  2. Location of Event (City and State/Country)
  3. Date(s) of Event.
  4. Outline of budget (including tuition, travel, lodging, meals, and any other miscellaneous expenses).
  5. In a short reflective response please explain your short and long term professional goals and why you wish to attend this opportunity. Include your desired outcomes of being in attendance and how this experience will help you achieve your short and long term professional goals.
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