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Anne M. Fallon Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Established in memory of Anne M. Fallon, who earned her nursing degree from Brockport in 1983, this scholarship recognizes an outstanding adult senior nursing student who exemplifies the professional characteristics of Anne Fallon.

Mrs. Fallon was known for her record of excellence as a student and nursing professional, caring for her clients with knowledge, skill, and compassion. She was the wife of James C. Fallon, at the time superintendent of the Brockport Central School District, and the mother of four children.

The student who receives this scholarship annually should be an adult (25 years or older), full-time Brockport nursing major who will graduate on May of the academic year for which to scholarship is awarded with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better. This student should have combined the roles of parent, citizen, and nursing student through school involvement (e.g. scouting, PTA, athletics or music), and community activities such as charitable fundraising, citizens advisory groups, volunteer ambulance, church/synagogue activities or boards of directors.