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Ben Piorkowski Memorial Scholarship

The Ben Piorkowski Memorial Award supports experiential learning for students enrolled in Brockport’s Delta College. Mr. Piorkowski, who graduated in 2007 with his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a concentration in Management, had a passion for learning through experience. His inquisitive nature, along with his sense of wonder and of humor serve as examples for other Delta students.

While at Brockport, Mr. Piorkowski and two friends undertook a one-day mission of eating a meal at every dining establishment on campus, including a few vending machines. When they ended their mission in the evening at Trax, their fellow students greeted them with a standing ovation.

He passed away unexpectedly in 2014.

Established by his family and the Delta College faculty in his memory, the Ben Piorkowski Memorial Award recognizes three students a year who are enrolled in internships, clinical settings, study abroad programs, research, or student teaching. The credits they earn through these experiences can count towards the Delta College experiential learning requirements.