Brockport Alumni Legacy Scholarships

Brockport Alumni Legacy Scholarships

In 1989, several members of the Brockport Alumni Association began a scholarship program to offer the benefits of a SUNY Brockport education to a new generation of students. This group developed the scholarship as a legacy, or something of value passed from elders to youth.

To date, more than 1,200 Brockport alumni have made gifts to this fund, which supports scholarship awards to incoming freshman, incoming transfer, and continuing students. The number of awards in each category depend on the number of applicants in each.

The Alumni Legacy Scholarships encourage alumni to consider how to share their Brockport legacy with their children, grandchildren, or siblings.

The Brockport Incoming Freshman Legacy Scholarship recognizes a student who has a high school GPA of 90 or better, and meets the Admissions criteria for ACT and SAT scores. Students applying for the Transfer Legacy Scholarship must have a GPA of 3.25 or better. Continuing students must have at least two semesters of study remaining at Brockport.

All applicants must have participated in student activities, community service, or employment. Also, they must include the name, graduation year, and relationship to the Brockport alumnus/a named on their application, and provide a personal statement.