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Class of ‘63 Teacher Education Scholarship

Members of The College at Brockport Class of 1963 established the Class of ’63 Teacher Education Scholarship to recognize an outstanding student who is or intends to become a member of the teacher certification program at Brockport.

A large majority of the members of Brockport’s Class of 1963 have had long and successful careers as teachers and administrators. They also have an interest in assuring that Brockport continues to produce a stream of excellent, highly respected educators.

To qualify for this scholarship, candidates must be entering freshman or transfer students who have expressed the intention to pursue admittance into the teacher certification program when eligible. Or, they must be current students who have at least two semesters remaining before graduation and are either currently enrolled in the teacher certification program or have satisfied current requirements for acceptance into the teacher certification program. Applicants must also demonstrate above-average academic performance and a strong record of participation in school activities or community service.

Candidates also must sign the Commitment to Pursue Teacher Certification form associated with this application, and must submit an essay of 300-word or fewer, describing themselves, their motivation to become an educator, and why they deserve this scholarship. Applicants also must demonstrate a need for financial aid as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).