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Dr. William F. Stier, Jr., Sport Management Scholarship

Before he joined the faculty at The College at Brockport in 1983, Dr. William F. Stier, Jr., enjoyed a successful career as an executive in the recreation and fitness industry. He also served as a consultant for fitness, wellness, and recreation organizations as well as for secondary and university sport programs in the United States and internationally.

A prolific author, Dr. Stier wrote more than 300 articles throughout his career that were published in 95 different international and national professional publications. He also wrote 24 books on a range of coaching, administration, and management topics in athletics and recreation, including Sport Management: The Business of Sport, Successful Coaching Strategies and Tactics, and Successful Sport Fundraising.

Dr. Stier earned his undergraduate degree in physical education from St. Ambrose (IA) College, his master’s degree in education from Michigan State University, and his doctoral degree from the University of South Dakota. He served on the boards of several professional publications.

In addition to his writing, he was an internationally recognized speaker on coaching and sport management, addressing more than 200 conferences and conventions, including the national High School Coaches Association, two United States Olympic Academies, two NCAA professional development seminars, World University Games, and the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics.

During his time at Brockport, he served as professor and chair of Athletics and Physical Education, athletic director, and director of the sport management program. He received the Distinguished University Professor designation in 2001, and when he retired in 2013, he was named Distinguished University Professor Emeritus. He passed away in 2014.

To qualify for the Dr. William F. Stier, Jr., Sport Management Scholarship, a student must have matriculated in the undergraduate sport management program and be in their senior year when the scholarship is applied. The student must also have applied for and received approval of the senior-year sport management internship placement, and have a recommendation from the senior professor of the sport management program.