Jeanette D'Agostino Banker International Scholarship

The Jeanette D’Agostino Banker International Scholarship, established in 2010 by her husband Edward E. Banker, is named for Associate Professor of Education Emeritus Jeanette D’ Agostino Banker ’53 (1958-1989) . A member of the Brockport Alumni Association Hall of Heritage and recipient of the 2010 Brockport Foundation Volunteer of the Year Award, she was the founder and Director of the Program for American / International Schools Overseas in the Department of Education & Human Development. The scholarship recognizes and supports SUNY Brockport undergraduate students who participate in a traditional international study abroad program under the purview of the Center for Global Education and Experience.

Applicants will be considered for this scholarship by the Center for Global Education and Experience at the time of application to your study abroad program.

The financial assistance is in the form of a non-tuition educational expense grant that may be used to cover educational costs such as room, board or college fees. The award will be credited to the recipient’s bill during the semester(s) of the award period. The student must use this award for educational expenses at the College and may not receive the award in cash.

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