Eric M. Steel Scholarship for International Study

Friends and colleagues of Dr. Eric M. Steel, through fund manager Jeanette D’Agostino Banker, have created an endowed fund within the State University College at Brockport Foundation, Inc.
(the Brockport Foundation). The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage and assist undergraduate students at The College at Brockport to participate in overseas programs of study.
This scholarship was established in memory of Dr. Steel, professor of French and English from 1942 to 197 4, and founding chairman of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature from 1964 to 1969. Dr. Steel was a pioneer among SUNY professors in developing and offering credit ­bearing programs of international study for undergraduate and graduate students throughout the SUNY system. Dr. Steel’s first credit-bearing course, included an eight-week guided European travel/study program, was in 1953.

Applicants will be considered for this scholarship by the Center for Global Education and Experience at the time of application to your study abroad program.

The financial assistance is in the form of a non-tuition educational expense grant that may be used to cover educational costs such as room, board or college fees. The award will be credited to the recipient’s bill during the semester(s) of the award period. The student must use this award for educational expenses at the College and may not receive the award in cash.

Study Abroad Opportunities