Blaine M. Delancey Teaching Excellence Award

This award recognizes a current graduate student in the Secondary English Program at The College at Brockport, who is certified, currently employed as a high school English teacher, and matriculated in the Master of Science in Education program. Specifically, this award seeks to honor a student who exemplifies outstanding command of the English language, inspires students to discover personal values found in a study of English, and exemplifies a positive, cooperative attitude toward students and colleagues.

To be considered for this opportunity you must apply through the “All Education and Human Development Scholarships" application.

The financial assistance is in the form of an educational expense grant that may be used to cover educational costs such as room, board or college fees. The award will be credited to the recipient’s bill during the semester(s) of the award period. The student must use this award for educational expenses at the College and may not receive the award in cash.

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