All Political Science, International Studies, and Pre-Law Scholarships Application

Apply using this application to be considered for all Political Science, International Studies, and Pre-Law natured scholarships. Those who apply through this application will be considered for the following scholarships if eligible based on the criteria set forth by each scholarship:
*Paul B. Hanks, Sr., and Paul B. Hanks, Jr., Award
*Harold Rakov Memorial Scholarship
*Dennis S. Porter ’70 Scholarship
*Donald J. and Julie McWherter Scholarship
*W. Raymond Duncan Alumni Scholarship
*Frederick G. Turner Pre-Law Scholarship
*Sarah F. Liebschutz Award (does not accept applications)

Political Science Opportunities, School of Arts and Sciences Opportunities
Supplemental Questions
  1. Identify all co-curricular and social activities related to political science, international studies, and/or legal studies/pre-law that you are currently involved in or have been involved in. Please identify the title(s) and date(s) of your role or roles throughout your college career.
  2. Do you have any circumstances relating to educational financial need that you wish to share with the committee? If not, please type "N/A".
  3. Students who are pursuing law as a career:
    • Have you taken the LSAT?
    • What term are you expecting to first attend law school? (Semester, Year). Type "N/A" if you are not pursuing a law career.
    • When (Month & Year) did you take the LSAT and what scores did you receive? Or, when (Month & Year) do you plan to sit for the LSAT? Type "N/A" if you are not pursuing a law career.
  4. Describe your interest in public service. What experiences and beliefs inspired you to be a current or future public servant (politics, education, law, non-profit, social impact, etc.)? Not to exceed 500 words.