George Rich Student Philanthropy Award

This award recognizes a student, or group of students, who have contributed to the quality of life at the College at Brockport or the local community in the form of service, monetary donation, or creative works by enhancing the general culture or encouraging others to become involved. Student(s) who receives this award will name an on-campus philanthropic, educational or cultural organization to receive an award in the name(s) of the recipient.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you a student or group of students that have added, through contribution of time and/or talent, to the general culture of the College/local community and/or inspired others to be similarly involved?
  2. The recipient of this award will receive a scholarship applied to their student bill, in addition to the opportunity to make a donation to an organization of their choice. Please indicate which on-campus philanthropic, educational or cultural endeavor an additional award will be made if you receive the award.