Kathleen Krebs Scholarship

This scholarship recognizes a non-traditional graduate student, aged 25 years or more, accepted into the Department of Counselor Education, and who is beginning graduate education for the first time or a student who is returning to school after taking time off to raise a family or pursue other interests. First preference to a woman student and second preference to any accepted student in the counselor education program who is of non-traditional age. Applicant must submit a required essay that demonstrates a passion for the counseling profession.

Counselor Education Opportunities, Graduate Student Opportunity
Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you applied to and been accepted into the Department of Counselor Education graduate program?
  2. Are you an adult student (25 years or older)?
  3. If awarded this scholarship, how will you use it to support your goal to become a professional counselor in light of the purpose designated for the scholarship?