Salahuddin & Sarwat Malik History Scholarship

The Malik History Fund supports the Salahuddin Malik Lecture Series: Building Bridges Through Dialogue, the Dr. Sarwat Malik Lecture Series: Women & Islam-Gender, Justice and Faith, and this Scholarship. Salahuddin “Salah” Malik Ph.D., a professor of Muslim nationalism and British imperial history at The College at Brockport, and Sawart Malik, M.D. a distinguished woman with an expansive professional career in medicine, created this scholarship and lecture series to help others understand the Islamic world, the cultural interactions between the Muslim and other faiths, and of women in the Islamic.

Eligible students include:

  • history majors at the undergraduate or graduate level,
  • actively engaged in research and writing of a research paper on the topic of Islam, the Middle East, South Asian history or the history of Muslim/Christian relations or Women in the Islamic world,
  • and plan to present their work at Scholar’s Day or through another venue during the year the scholarship is awarded.

This award is selected by the Department of History and does not accept applications.

Graduate Student Opportunity, History Opportunities