Marion D. Schrank Student Leadership Award

In 1998, the Student Leadership Award was created to recognize one student who exhibits extensive leadership qualities and serves as a role model for other student leaders on campus. In 2002, Marion D. Schrank ’69 retired from her position as Vice President for Student Affairs after a 30+-year career at The College at Brockport. Marion was the ultimate mentor, supporter, and recognized champion of student success during her long and illustrious career in Student Affairs. Upon her retirement, the Student Leadership Award was renamed in her honor and an endowed fund was created that will keep her legacy associated with student leadership and student success at The College at Brockport alive in perpetuity. The Marion D. Schrank Student Leadership Award has become the pinnacle award for co-curricular leadership. It has come to be regarded with similar prestige to the SUNY Chancellor’s Award and the President’s Citation. The recipient is recognized at the Annual Student Leadership Awards Ceremony each April and is asked to provide the keynote address.

This award recognizes an outstanding student at The College at Brockport who has demonstrated scholastic achievement, exemplary leadership, and a commitment to the College through leadership in a student organization or student employment.

The student must:
1. Be an undergraduate student who has completed 54 or more credit hours at time of application and demonstrates a cumulative grade point average of 3.25 or higher.

2. Have a demonstrated record of exemplary leadership, scholastic achievement, and a commitment to the College community through various modes of involvement, including campus organizations, leadership positions, peer mentorship, engaged learning, and community service.

3. Have demonstrated commitment to citizenship and the creation of an inclusive Brockport community.

Please contact Kim Piatt, Associate Director of Community Development, at or 395-2987 for more information.