Golden Eagle Opportunity Fund

This emergency fund was established by the Division of Advancement to support SUNY Brockport students who have faced financial challenges in unexpected circumstances. These funds provide temporary financial assistance for immediate and current emergency situations. Emergency situations involve circumstances which are beyond the student’s control, such as a death in the family, accident, loss of property, loss of income, or unanticipated educational expenses. Students must have exhausted all other sources of funding.

*Criteria and Eligibility *

  • Funding is limited to a one-time/semester grant not to exceed $1,000. Average grants range from $200-$500.
  • Applications will be reviewed regularly. If the approved grant is for an education-related expense, it will be applied to the recipient’s student account. Otherwise, it will be disbursed in the form of a check. Any award granted through this fund will be reported to the Office of Student Accounts and Accounting and to the Financial Aid Office. Awards will be considered as a resource and could impact financial aid, if received.
  • Grants should not be used in place of financial aid, nor should they be considered a means to finance a student’s education, including any fee or tuition assessed by the College.
  • Applicant must be registered for the semester in which the application is being submitted.
  • Each request should clearly identify the amount and purpose of funds requested along with at least one other source contacted for help before requesting assistance.
  • Applicant may be asked to provide receipts or additional information documenting the requested grant and/or expenditure of funds.
  • Exceptions from these guidelines may be made at the discretion of the committee. Academic, financial, and student conduct information may be used to determine eligibility. Applications will be treated as private and will be shared beyond the committee on an as-needed basis.
  • Each application will be reviewed by a committee representing the Division of Advancement, Academic Success Center, Financial Aid, and Academic Affairs.

Eligible Expenses

  • Child care
  • Food
  • Medical or dental expenses
  • Personal automobile expenses
  • Rent or other housing
  • Computer repair/replacement
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Replacement of stolen item(s) needed for school

NOT Eligible

  • Tuition
  • College fees
  • Credit card debt
  • Cable bills
  • Legal representation

This is not a complete list of eligible/ineligible expenses that will be considered. Please note that all requests may not be fulfilled.

See the link to APPLY as a student or GIVE as a Friend of the College.

Up to $1,000
Financial Need Based Opportunities