Susan S. Collier Summer Experience in Dance Award

This experiential learning fund was established to support dance students at either the undergraduate or graduate level. Eligible students are matriculated in the Department of Dance, in good academic standing, and submit a formal proposal for a summer festival/experience they wish to attend. The Department of Dance determines the number of students and funding for each based on the individual applications.

The proposal includes:

  • the name of the summer festival/experience,
  • the reason(s) for attendance and desired outcome(s),
  • short and long-term professional goals and how this experience will assist in achieving those goals,
  • a budget that would be required to attend (tuition, travel, lodging, meals, miscellaneous expenses).

To be considered for this opportunity you must apply through the “Department of Dance Experiential Learning Funds Application”.

The application is available between March 1st and April 18th!

The financial assistance is in the form of a non-tuition educational expense grant that may be used to cover educational costs such as room, board or college fees OR as an expense reimbursement. The student must use this award for educational expenses at the College and may not receive the award in cash, unless being reimbursed for approved expenses.

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